Independently strong. Partnering with a purpose. 

Independently strong

Delta Environmental Law LLC was founded upon a strong background of providing private clients and federal, state and local government clients with expertise in boundary disputes, land ownership, navigability of waterways, takings and trespass issues, wetland assessments, school board property ownership, regulatory compliance, and property damage related to petroleum-related activities. The firm has worked closely with renowned environmental and geoforensic experts skilled in biological, physical, and cultural sciences to advise clients on the merits of a case and assist in developing legal arguments and strategies. With a thorough understanding of natural and man-influenced environments, Delta Environmental Law, LLC can navigate through the complexities of interpreting how the law applies to nature’s intricate processes and functions.

Partnering with a purpose

Litigating cases involving environmental issues can present a multitude of challenges requiring efforts of multiple attorneys with different areas of focus. Delta Environmental Law, LLC can provide attorney clients with informed decision-making and support to help guide the litigation process involving the use experts, developing legal theories and strategies, assisting with discovery matters, and preparing for hearings, depositions and trial preparations. The firm's solid background and litigation experience can provide invaluable insight into the environmental aspects of a case as they apply to the law and support and enrich the inner workings of a case for successful outcomes in settlement or at trial.